Norway Online Gambling

In Norway, there are many people that have enjoyed betting and gambling over the years in land based locations. However, when it comes to the online gambling market, Norway has some strict laws in place that replicate what the United States had in the past. Norway does not condone online gambling and will not allow any online operators to conduct business in Norway. The reason for this is to help control gambling addictions by removing the temptation for residents. In 2010, Norway developed a law that made financial transactions to online casinos illegal. In addition to this, Norway has refused membership to the EU on two occasions. Even though these laws sound severe, there are still many options for players from Norway to enjoy online gambling at off shore sites.

The problem with playing or betting at an off shore site comes when players are trying to conduct their financial transactions. Since Norway prohibits these transactions, Players will not be able to use credit cards or bank transfers to make casino deposits. This means that players will have to find alternative methods of funding a casino account, such as an ewallet service or a prepaid card. Even though this can be a bit of a hassle, it has not stopped players from finding reliable and respected online casinos to play their favourite games.

When players do find a casino site that supports players from Norway, they will be able to conduct their transaction in their local currency and will have a list of available languages that are supported. This allows players to easily manage their casino accounts and to get support from the site if needed. Despite the gambling laws that are in place, Norwegian players are still playing online and are always finding great off shore sites that cater to their needs.

It is believed that Norway will continue with these laws and will not permit online operators to enter the country. To control irresponsible ambling, Norway feels that banning the access to online casinos will be beneficial in the long run and the government offers no indication that these laws will be changing anytime soon. However, players can continue to enjoy the games and services at other sites around the world when they want to play casino games, place sports bets or even invest in binary options or forex.